Labelling and Reconstruction of Markersets

We must be working with a previously made capture, and switch to EDIT mode.

In the Assets Panel we add a new Markerset and name it

Then we go to the Markersets panel, and add the markers that will be associated to each point and name them

We then go to the Labelling panel, where each marker will appear with a 0% assignment, and we will have a list of unassigned markers. we will have a list of unassigned markers

We have to locate the points in the 3D view, in an instant of time and then switch the panel to QuickLabel mode, with labelling of the point forward and backward in time. Then we select each label and assign it to the 3D points in the main window

Tagged markers change to white in the 3D view and disappear from Unlabeled Markers. We have to look for all the markers that appear in orange at some point in time in order to until there are no more unlabelled markers left.

2. Visualisation and reconstruction

Exit Quickedit mode and select the bookmarks.

Immediately we can display the x,y,z coordinates of each marker.

In the Edit Tools panel we can fill in the gaps where information has been lost.   "Find next" finds each of the gaps. "Fill selected" fills them according to the configuration we choose. 

Linear interpolation works much better than cubic interpolation. For very long gaps, the "Max Gap Size" parameter should also be touched.  

Finally we will end up with all the gaps filled.